Meet continuous disclosure requirements with high quality documents, in compliance with best practices and regulatory standards

  • Press releases

  • Management Discussion and Analysis, Annual Information Form, Annual Reports

  • Annual and special shareholder meetings

  • Disclosure calendar, distribution and filing

Efficiently communicate your investment propositions with engaging messages and tools 

  • Strategic communication plans and roadmaps

  • Perception audits

  • Presentations and factsheets

  • Websites and social media

​Achieve valuation objectives by reaching the appropriate audience

  • Tailored institutional and retail investor outreach programs

  • Investor days

  • Media outreach​


Our vision:
Best practices and compelling communications are essential building blocks to raise awareness, build trust and access strategic capital.

Danielle Ste-Marie, principal advisor, is a communication executive with over 15 years of experience in the fields of finance and energy (traditional and clean-tech).

With a background in finance and extensive international experience, Danielle brings a unique contribution to executive teams and fund managers requiring high-quality but cost-efficient corporate communication services. She is also a member of the Canadian Investor Relations Institute ("CIRI").

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helping companies Build trust, raise awareness and stakeholder value


STE-MARIE Strategy & Communications Inc. is a Quebec-based independent consulting firm providing corporate and financial communication services.

We provide high quality communication services to small - mid cap issuers, companies preparing an IPO, strategic event or looking to raise their profile on the private and public capital markets. 

We also cater to private companies, investment funds, private equity and start-ups that require strategic and non-strategic communication services.




Our approach is strategic and content driven. We develop efficient communication strategies, compelling messages and engaging tools targeting all stakeholders.


Smart communication strategies tailored to your corporate objectives

  • Strategic communication plans and roadmaps

  • Business plans and financial projections

  • Reputation management

Well designed communication tools

  • ​Press releases

  • Websites and social media

  • ​Newsletters

  • Corporate videos

  • Marketing brochures and presentations

High-quality non-strategic services

  • Specialized translation services (expertise in financial and business terminology)

  • Coordination

  • Revision

  • Newsletter distribution

  • Contact database management​



Our focus is on best practices. We help companies meet their continuous disclosure obligations and reach a wider audience with tailored investor outreach programs.


Understanding your business

Our approach is strategic. We take the time to properly understand your business and corporate objectives to provide efficient and tailored solutions.

Providing tangible results

We identify key influencers and networks, helping you develop and maintain beneficial relationships that support long term value creation.

Acting as an extension of your team
Our customers are growing organizations with with limited time and resources to dedicate for a full-time in-house communication executive. We fill this gap.

Providing a cost effective solution
As a streamlined organization, we work with a select network of professionals and marketing firms, which allows us to offer a wide range of high-quality services while remaining very competitive.